Communication and relationship building

Please be sure to read the instruc)ons carefully and thoroughly. Failure to write the paper assigned may result in a failing grade for this ac)vity.


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Communication and relationship building
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Topic: A concept of your choice related to leadership and management. Approval must be obtained from the instructor prior to wri)ng the paper – no later than week 5. While you may speak with/text the instructor about potenKal topics, final approval is to be done by e-mailing the topic and receiving a reply. Text messages will not be accepted for approval.




  • IdenKfy a concept or issue that interests you
    • Obtain approval from the instructor by week 5 by e-mail – MUST be finalized by e-mail and obtain a response – this is a separate grade in your gradebook and will be a 0 if e-mail not submiJed by the deadline.


  • Develop an outline for your paper – this will help keep you organized and on track. You do not have to submit your outline.
  • Complete a literature search – professional sources ONLY – non-professional sources will not be counted toward the required number of references
    • What experts have said about your topic
    • What the research says about your topic


  • How does the content apply to you as a professional?
  • As a generic nursing student, you are not an expert on the topic of this paper. Therefore, all content included in the paper (except for an applicable personal experience and how you will apply the concept in your personal, professional pracKce) must be taken from professional For some topics, addiKonal non-professional references may be applicable. If these are used, they do not replace the required professional sources. Since you are taking this informaKon from a source, you MUST give credit to that source. Papers may be run through a plagiarism checker and a posiKve result will result in a grade of 0.


  • Minimum of four (4) credible, professional resources – books, professional journal arKcles, professional web pages – publicaKon date within the previous 5 years


  • Use of the Library InformaKon Resources Network search opKons will significantly increase your access to professional sources. The fact that a resource appears in a Google search, DOES NOT make it a professional source.


  • Remember – all professional sources have an author whether individuals or an organizaKon. References without an author will not count toward your required number of references


  • If you choose to use older references or non-professional sources, the minimum of four professional sources within the previous 5 years will sKll be applied to the paper. In this case, you will need to have more than 4 references.


  • Paper organizaKon
    • Abstract is not required. If one is submiAed, it does not count toward the total required pages
    • IntroducKon
      • Significance of the issue
      • Clearly state the purpose of the paper
      • Include a thesis statement
      • IntroducKon should be 1 – 2 paragraphs
      • Do not use any form of “This paper will…..” or any similar phrasing. Points will be deducted from the overall grade for use of any form of that phrase.


  • The paper is to be wriAen in professional tone in the third (3rd) person. Occasional use of 1st person when applicable (personal involvement in generaKng informaKon for the paper). For this paper, 1st person may also be used in the secKon in which you discuss how you will apply this concept to your professional pracKce.


  • Do not use 2nd
  • Do not use any gender specific pronouns unless being used to refer to a specific individual
  • All statements are to be declaraKve. Do not ask quesKons.
  • Use proper, formal English grammar, correct spelling, and appropriate punctuaKon.
  • Review of the literature
    • Summarize, analyze, and synthesize the literature search in your own words


  • Cite the source of the informaGon – whether it is a


direct quotaKon or material you have paraphrased – per APA format. An absolute minimum of one citaKon per paragraph will be necessary as you are summarizing the informaKon you read in the four or more sources. It is possible that you will not have citaKons in the 1 – 2 paragraphs discussing your applicaKon of this content, but every other paragraph in the paper should have a minimum of one citaKon. Failure to cite material (both direct quotaGon and paraphrased) will result in loss of points from the overall paper grade – not for APA format. If a significant porGon of the paper is missing citaGons, the paper will be evaluated for plagiarism. Plagiarized papers will receive a grade of zero. Plagiarism does include the use of materials that have been paraphrased but not cited appropriately.


  • Minimize direct quotaGons to < 5% of total

words. The purpose of the paper is your analysis and synthesis of the



materials you read in the references and not a reiteraKon of the authors’ own words. Occasionally, an author’s own words are so powerful that paraphrasing them would not relay the intended message. This is the only Kme direct


quotaKons should appear in your paper and they must be less than 5% of the total word count.


  • Points will be deducted for excessive use of direct quotaKons from the final grade for the paper. Every direct quota)on must have the page number of the source where the quote is located as a part of the cita)on. If you do not have a page number, DO NOT use the quotaKon. Reference points will be deducted for every direct quote without a cited page number.


  • Every reference on the reference page must appear within the paper as a citaKon at least once. Every citaKon in the paper must have an easily idenKfiable reference on the reference page.


  • All citaKons must be in APA format, which is by author(s) (see PowerPoint for Professional Papers for more informaKon). DO NOT use the Ktle of the arKcle/book in the paper or in the citaKons. Do not use URL’s or DOI’s as part of your citaKons. CitaKons are to be by author and year of publicaKon only (except when page numbers are required for direct quotaKons). All other informaKon should only appear on the reference page.


  • For all URL’s or DOI’s used on your reference page, verify using a different device (the site will be in the computer’s memory) that it does open your reference. References that are unable to be located due to faulty URL’s or DOI’s DO NOT count toward your 4 sources


  • References must be in APA format, which includes author(s), year of publicaKon, Ktle of arKcle or book, Ktle of journal if an arKcle. If it is a journal arKcle, either include the ediKon, issue, and page numbers or the URL or DOI. References entered on the page with only the URL or DOI are not references and will not count toward the mandatory number. DO NOT block and copy references from another source. Everything in your paper must be formaAed consistently and according to APA format


  • Conclusion
    • Summarize what was said and then address:
    • How will you apply the concept or issue in your professional pracGce? This does not need to be a long discussion – 1 or 2 paragraphs is usually sufficient to address. A minimum of 1 paragraph, however, is required. One or two sentences will not meet this requirement for the paper. Use of the word “I” is OK in this secKon. Please be sure to include this secKon of the paper – it is worth 25% of the total points available. Failure to clearly address will result in a loss of all points.


  • Total length = 8 – 10 pages (not included: cover page, abstract (if used), references). This includes appropriately set margins of 1 inch on all sides with no extra spaces between paragraphs or secKons. Disable the “widow and orphan” protecKon opKon as APA format is standard double space throughout without consideraKon of single lines on a page. Larger margins will be corrected to determine actual length of paper.


  • APA format; Times New Roman size 12 font with 1 inch margins throughout
  • All papers are to be submiAed via e-mail as an aAachment in Microsoh Word. Do not submit papers in pdf, Pages, Google Docs, etc. If you do not have access to Microsoh Word, documents in .odt are acceptable as they open in the Word program. Only those in Microso[ Word (.odt) will be accepted and considered on Gme.


  • All papers are to be submiAed as a single document consisKng of all components (cover page, body of the paper, reference page in the correct order). If mulKple documents are submiAed, only the first document aAached will be opened and used for grading.


Instructor will not assemble papers.

  • Do not text to inquire if your paper was received. If there is a problem with receipt of the e-mail, a dated and Kmed sent e-mail (this will be in your sent folder) with the correct e-mail address will validate that you submiAed your paper on Kme. If that is the case, you will be allowed to resubmit. Do be sure to carefully check the e-mail address prior to sending.


  • No late assignments – submit by e-mail prior to the deadline noted on the syllabus. Note that the deadline is the night before class



The following addi)onal deduc)ons will be taken off the total grade, if applicable:


  1. Five (5) points will be deducted for the use of any form of “This paper will…..” or any similar phrasing.
  2. Five (5) points will be deducted for every addiKonal 5% (or fracKon thereof) of direct quotaKon word count at or greater than 5% of the total word count of the body of the paper (cover page, abstract if used, reference page will not be included).


  1. If 5 – 9.99% of the paper is direct quotaKons, 5 points will be deducted
  2. If 10 – 14.99% of the paper is direct quotaKons, 10 points will be deducted
  3. ConKnues if the percentage of direct quotaKons increases.
  1. Fiheen (15) points will be deducted for any of the following:
    1. No citaKons in the body of the paper.
    2. The only citaKons in the body of the paper are aAached to direct quotaKons.
    3. Rare citaKons.
  2. Ten (10) points will be deducted if feedback from the paper submiAed in RN 296 is not incorporated into this paper. Examples include repeated use of 2nd person and 1st person inappropriately; conversaKonal tone to the paper (quesKons, common language lead-ins into sentences, slang/jargon/nonprofessional language); correcKons to citaKons, reference page, etc. to conform with APA format; missing items such as running head, page numbers, etc.





Student Name:

Criteria Comments




IntroducKon – discuss significance of the issue




Thesis statement clearly delineates a leadership paper and not a clinical topic.




Review of the literature – summarize, analyze, and synthesize the research; minimum 4 credible sources published within the last 5 years; minimum direct quotaKons; all references cited in the paper; all content from references contains a cita)on; all direct quote cita)ons contain the page number; all cita)ons have an iden)fiable reference on the reference page.




Conclusion – summary of what was said




Applica)on to clinical prac)ce – how you will apply what you learned




5% – APA style, formanng, spelling, grammar

5% – Font style, page count, submission instrucKons




5 points for any form of “This paper will…..”

5 points/each 5% or fracKon thereof of quotaKons > 5% of the word count

15 points for missing citaKons (see paper instrucKons)

10 points for not incorporaKng prev. paper feedback




450 points

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