Evolution of technology


The evolution of technology has brought with it several positive and negative impacts. These technological changes are essential in driving the scientific world but are necessary not as crucial for the overall ecosystem. Several authors and scholars’ have identified that technology has two main ways it affectsthe ecosystem and the environment. First is the depletion of natural resources and pollution all forms of pollution; as a result of these negative changes, bells ring calling for an investigation of how technological changes have affected the ecosystem and its effect on the ecosystem. In this paper, I will identify some of the primary sources to use as back up to my research, especially those with supporting ideas regarding the effect of technology in ecosystem management.

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Evolution of technology
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Zhao, X., Shang, Y., & Song, M. (2019). Industrial structure distortion and urban ecological efficiency from the perspective of green entrepreneurial ecosystems. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 100757.

I have shown a fundamental interest in studying urban towns’ environment in Asian countries such as China. China is among the most technologically advanced counties, has a strong basis for the study of ecosystem management. According to the ecosystem around Chinese cities and barely handle or sustain its self. The natural cycle of life has interrupted by the debris of technological advancements; mostly, pollution has led to the death of several vital microbes that keep the soil fertile. This has not raised alarms in the country since it mostly depends on manufactured food. This text’s critical point includes the tremendous impacts of industrial structure advancements on technological advancements the ecological efficiency, the negative correlation between technological advisements and environmental sustainability. The author also notes that over-dependence on natural habitats lowers the rate of industrial structure development. This source is specifically useful in this research since it provides information regarding the relationship between the natural ecosystem and the technology imposed ecosystem. It will help find some information regarding the topic from the finding in their research.

Tevi, G., & Tevi, A. (2012). Remote sensing and GIS techniques for assessment of the soil water content in order to improve agricultural practice and reduce the negative impact on groundwater: case study, agricultural area Ştefan cel Mare, Călăraşi County. Water Science and Technology66(3), 580-587.

Contrary to the above article, technology has shown some positive uses in improving soil quality. According to (Tevi, G., & Tevi, A. (2012). The invention of remote sensors and GIS techniques are used to test the ability of soil to retain water and the assessment of water content in the soil; this, in turn, fosters agricultural activities by reducing negative results on soil water. Non-customer side agricultural practices and soil fertility are harmful to the ecosystem and may negatively affect human health. Through the continuous use of the traditional method in agriculture, effective land management will not be possible. Technology has brought up modern ways of farming practices; the author demonstrates the correlation in remote sensing and field works, which improves agricultural activities. The method uses hyper spectral to correlate with the data procession of GIS. The positive impacts of technology in the farming sector will be significantly analyzed in the grant proposal.

Sohaili, K. (2010). The impact of improvement in Iran iron and steel production technology on environment pollution. Procedia Environmental Sciences2, 262-269.

This source is relatable to the impact of technology on the ecosystem since it shows improvement in the environment with the help of production on iron and steel in Iran.  The authors reveal that Iran consumes a lot of energy consumed in other parts ofthe world, hence increasing environmental pollution and affecting the ecosystem.Therefore the country had to look for a long-running solution to control pollution and conserve the ecosystem. Iran introduced the production of iron and steel to control energy consumption in the near future. The research in energy is made possible with the advanced technology in Iran. Technology has made it possible to ensure the required energy is produced by using iron and steel and providing the necessary energy level in the country. The authors’ research’s critical aspect is that iron and steel production takes up to 31% of the energy in the country’s industries, construction, and mines sector.  Technology in Iran will automatically maintain and control the ecosystem since suitable methods are used in their industries that curb the massive consumption of energy. This article is useful in finding out the best practices to use when dealing with high energy consumption levels and how it will affect the future.

Albers, A., Collet, P., Benoist, A., & Hélias, A. (2020). Back to the future: dynamic full carbon accounting applied to prospective bioenergy scenarios. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment25(7), 1242-1258.

This article is credible since it shows the sustainability and establishment of bioenergy production. It looks at the interaction between the ecosystem and technology and the preservation of functionalities in the ecosystem through the production of goods, services, and energy. In this article, bioenergy production is mostly based on the maintenance of healthy land and biomass. The effect on heathland through biomass harvesting leads to carbon capture, biomass production, and balance in nitrogen formed through decomposition and recycling of nitrogen; this is beneficial since it maintains a suitable heathland. The production of bioenergy mostly brings out adverse effects on the environment, but according to (Albers et al., 2020) it leads to the balance of atmospheric gases.  Unlike the fossil fuels, bioenergy is renewable and provides energy security, and is friendlier to the environment than the other forms of energy. Bioenergy is derived from biomass, which are living organics found in the ecosystem; it is mostly used to produce electricity, products, and transport fuel. Through this technology will be imposed on the ecosystem bringing in both negative and positive impacts. I will apply this knowledge to my grand proposal, whereby I will try to bring out the positive outcomes of bioenergy on the ecosystem compared to other sources of energy.

Tseveen, B., Natsagdorj, E., Balgan, A., Renchin, T., Norovsuren, B., & Mart, Z. (2020). Impact of logging operations on forest ecosystem in the Khantai mountain region and forest cover mapping. Forest Science and Technology, 1-11.

This source is relevant since technology has positively impacted the logging activities in the Mongolia forest ecosystem. The authors discuss the two different techniques that have been used over the years to control and conserve the forest.  The two methods are efficient since they use advanced technology to carry out research and make it possible for logging activities in the region.  The region is vulnerable sincemassive logging activities will lead to deforestation and pollution in the area. Technology has made it possible to study the soil properties, forest land covering satellite view during and after logging. Therefore, necessary measures will be taken to conserve the natural generating indigenous trees species growing the area. Satellite images are essential in the religion sine; they also show the sites suitable or logging and the coverage. For instance, the mountainous religion in the Mongolian forest is not ideal for tractor logging. The critical aspect is how Mongolia logging practices are suitable future decisions and how it has developed due to the use of technology in the forest.   Therefore I will perceive the use of technology in running conservative forest measures during any activity such as logging.

Golden, D., Fitzimons, J., Doyle, T., & Hayes, D. (2019, October). Zero-fuel open ocean-going tugs, and applications for the large scale collection of ocean plastics. In OCEANS 2019 MTS/IEEE SEATTLE (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

When the term ecosystem is mentioned, most people base their knowledge only on forests and land creatures and plants, forgetting the water creatures and plants. The author in this article explains how technology can be used to eradicate water pollution. As humans continue to dump plastics in the oceans and seas, several strategies have come up with the help of technology, which can assist curb this problem hence saving the water animals by reducing acidification in water. The first way can be the use ofocean clean up, the use of nets to collect plastics in the ocean has become hard and therefore ocean clean up uses floating barriers that work with currents to collet liter into the sea; the technology also helps to prevent trapping of unwanted sea species through the use of nets. Sea robots have even been invented that is sent underneath water where no human an accesses and also some that floats which take photos and also test the acidity of water to find the appropriate ways prevent the death of sea creature, technology also has brought smart nets that are used to trap only the right size of fish leaving the small ones. This article will play a significant role in my proposal, whereby I will try to bring out ways in which technology can be used to save sea creatures and plants as well.

Serrano, O., Ruhon, R., Lavery, P. S., Kendrick, G. A., Hickey, S., Masqué, P., … & Duarte, C. M. (2016). Impact of mooring activities on carbon stocks in seagrass meadows. Scientific reports6(1), 1-10.

This article shows the impact of technology on mooring activities on ecosystems and coastal vegetation such as seagrass meadows, especially in Rottnest Island. The mooring activities threaten vegetation in the coastal by triggering organic carbon sedimentation. This erosion has been studied, causing t the increasing atmospheric carbon on the island and hence a key area of study. Carbon mitigation in the coastal lines may lead to a positive or negative impact depending on how the seagrass will be maintained or conserved, making the right use of technology. The study reveals statistical decisions made through technology to preserve the carbon emitted from the region’s mooring activities. Sequestered organic carbon in the vegetation along the coast is termed as ‘ blue carbon.’  Blue carbon techniques and methods provide the opportunity to build and reduce carbon mitigation and, hence, conserve and restore the ecosystem.   This source shows that mooring activities have led to several environmental changes if not appropriately maintained. This article is useful since it clearly shows the effectiveness of using technology in the coastal lines and how it may affect the region if not controlled or taken to account.

Wall, R., & Beynon, S. (2012). Area‐wide impact of macrocyclic lactone parasiticides in cattle dung. Medical and veterinary entomology26(1), 1-8.

The source above clearly portrays a negative impact on animal health care’s technological advancement on the soil ecosystems. Technology is used to produce insecticides and parasites that is used in farms, the chemicals have caused harm to the soil and the animals. For many years’ animals, especially domestic livestock, have been assumed to be gaining from the advanced technology improvement made.   However, this article shows that technology has to lead to massive destruction in animals, such as in cattle. The author discusses parasiticides effects, such as macrocyclic lactone, that affects the concentrations in dung.  The dung residuals harm the manure colonizing soil insects since dung excreted are lethal and sublethal to the soil components. The use of insecticides and parasiticides has significantly caused adverse effects sine these chemicals affect the decomposition of waste used for manure.  Since the residuals found, be having traces of these chemicals.   This article is useful since it will help in any grand proposal on how technology impacts the soil and animal ecosystems.

O’brien, J. K., Steinman, K. J., & Robeck, T. R. (2009). Application of sperm sorting and associated reproductive technology for wildlife management and conservation. Theriogenology71(1), 98-107.

Giving insight concerning the wildlife ecosystem, technology plays a significant role in different ways bringing out positive impacts. According to……, technology demonstrates efforts towards conservation and breeding through sperm sorting in association with reproductive technologies. This technology is mainly useful in reproducing endangered species, it enables a faster rate of propagating these species. Another application is on the control of sex ration in wildlife; when the female number tend to reduce, the males also reduce since these animals mostly associate in groups where the male dominate the females, and this helps them to remain aggressive; through technology, these rations can be controlled through sperm cryopreservation. Technology also comes in handy in tracking animals, which assists in knowing where they are and the number. This article will play a significant role in the proposal on how to maintain the animal numbers and tracking.

Nieuwenhuis, L. J., Ehrenhard, M. L., & Prause, L. (2018). The shift to Cloud Computing: The impact of disruptive technology on the enterprise software business ecosystem. Technological forecasting and social change129, 308-313.

Due to the emerging increase in technological advancement through cloud-based programs, business ecosystems have improved, leading to more success in different enterprises. In this article, cloud computing has made it more comfortable carrying out business activities within and out of any firm.  The author shows that the business ecosystem networks help distribute, marketing, and ensure profits are met in the firm. Cloud-based software development has helped create business models that have helped solve problems in the business industry.  The authors show the need to shift to cloud-based software enterprises through the study of cases since it is economical. Technology also places a business in a competitive and strategic area to persuade the expansion of the firm.  Cloud-based programs help in enterprise resource planning as it shows the stakeholders and consumers their roles. This source will help in the business ecosystem proposal that will aid in expansion and decision-making through cloud-based software programs.



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