Lack of mental health resources



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Lack of mental health resources
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Table of Contents


Core Questions about your Essay Topic. 2


Annotated Bibliography. 3


Outline. 4









Lack of mental health resources


Core Questions about your Essay Topic


  1. What is the broad issue you are going to examine? (minimum 100 words)


Lack of mental health resources has become a major concern globally. The shortage of these resources has led to an increase in the number of people affected with mental disease. These resources are the human form of resources and financial form of resources. Human resources are expertise with perfect knowledge to deal with mentally disabled people. On the other hand, financial resources are funds supplied to the health facility to facilitate proper provisions of the services. It is the government’s role to its people to make sure that the resources are provided and supplied equally to the mental health facility


  1. How will you narrow your topic? (minimum 100 words)


There are some major factors that lead to human resources’ failure to offer good services to the mental health patient. Failure to offer good service to their duty will lead to a lack of enough resources in the mental facilities within a country. It is a challenge that will create a significant impact on patients who have a mental disorder. It should be, therefore, become a major helpful if the government and the research institute focuses on the general issues affecting the mental health professionals. Proper formulations of results will reduce some of the key barriers that prevent the efficient provision of services to people with a mental health condition.





  1. What is your research question? (one sentence)


What factors have led to the mental professionals’ failure to render their services to mental health patients?


  1. What are key theories and concepts from the course textthat you have identified as relevant to your topic?Identify a minimum of three. (minimum 200 words)




Theory Theorist Definition Citation
Behavioural theory Watson skinner and Pavlov The theory

suggests some of the vital role of a mental psychologist towards influencing a given person's


Psychodynamic theory Sigmund Freud It notes that experiences in our youth have a significant effect on our adulthood experiences, defining our personalities. Actions that happen in infancy may stay unnoticed and trigger complications as adults. (FORSMAN, FREDÉN, LINDQVIST & WAHLBECK, 2015).
Cognitive theory Wagenaar Langer Is a method to psychiatry that seeks to describe individual actions by recognizing the thinking mechanisms. For instance, a psychiatrist uses cognitive learning techniques to show you how to recognize and turn ill-adapted modes of thinking into positive forms. (FORSMAN, FREDÉN, LINDQVIST & WAHLBECK, 2015).



  1. Briefly describe the scholarly debate on your issue. (minimum 200 words)


Roy Porter, whose dissertation was essential in assessing the importance of patient experiences in the background of insanity, tried to conduct a thorough investigation on the relationship between the psychiatrist and their patients. Roy tackled the issue by observing similar traits and later applying them in important reversed paths. Assessment by Porter reminds us of the attempts undertaken by therapists and patients to educate the public and question the stigma of mental illness and its care.Analyzing the collection of therapist and patient narratives, this section explores how the common world of asylum and the collective perception of prejudice have generated comparisons. Eventually, Roy concludes that the interaction between therapists and their clients has controlled insanity and psychiatry’s epistemology for several years.

Psychologist Stephen Hinshaw, for instance, recognizes that perception and treatment of psychiatric illness have evolved with time, but argues that stigmatization and isolation of those with mental illnesses have continued over the years.For certain proponents, the stigma applied to mental illness also seems consistent: it emanates from societal anxiety and prejudice and is apparent throughout the historical period.


  1. What is your tentative thesis? (one sentence)


To solve the mental health sector’s general issues, it is very important to formally start with solving the prevailing challenges facing the mental health specialist.


  1. What is your tentative title?


  • The political factor that impacts the failure of the health professionals to render their services
  • Mental patients background factors that impact the failure of mental professionals from rendering services
  • Environmental factors that impact the failure of the mental professionals from rendering their normal services





Annotated Bibliography



MAHOMED, F. (2020). Addressing the Problem of Severe Underinvestment in Mental Health and Well-Being from a Human Rights Perspective. Health and Human Rights, 22(1), 35-50. doi:10.2307/26923472

By Mahomed, the article addresses the major problems that result from underinvestment towards the resources of the mental health and wellbeing in a human right perspective. As the scope for collective structures to finance mental health grows, national and foreign lenders can look at policies that uphold contextually important freedoms. This article examines the emerging mental health support environment in terms of both collective resources distribution and development aid.


FORSMAN, A., FREDÉN, L., LINDQVIST, R., & WAHLBECK, K. (2015). Contribution of the Nordic School of Public Health to the public mental health research field: A selection of research initiatives, 2007-2014. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. Supplement, 16, 66-72. doi:10.2307/45206064

It is a journal written by a group of authors who tried to investigate public health’s contribution to the public mental health research environment. It is an academic journal that oversees various studies from Nordic as well as other international public research centers. It is a peer-reviewed publication that overlooks public research centers’ interest towards better health care in mental problems.






FIERLBECK, K. (2011). Health Care in Canada: A Citizen’s Guide to Policy and Politics. University of Toronto Press. Retrieved October 9, 2020, from

It is a scholarly book written by Fierlbeck. Fierlbeck overlooks the importance of government funding towards health services within a given country. Fierlbeck goes on by stipulating some of the scholarly suggestions about government position towards mental health improvement. Fierlbeck gives an illustration of Aristotle’s position towards the view of life. Aristotle argued that healthy life relied on achieving a suitable balance. So much bravery has contributed to reckless behavior, so little has created one coward. Too much niceness has created sycophancy; too little, irritability. Such waste was unacceptable; the problem, he observed, was to know precisely how fast to travel in any particular scenario. This Aristotelian model is helpful when reasoning about the finance of medical care: spikes are dangerous, but the precise equilibrium between extremes is far more complicated to decide.


McCabe, A., & Davis, A. (2012). Community development as mental health promotion: Principles, practice, and outcomes. Community Development Journal, 47(4), 506-521. Retrieved October 9, 2020, from

It is a journal written by Mccabe and Davis. This essay discusses the ‘parallel realms’ of urban growth and mental health to promote constructive interaction. It goes on by highlighting three challenges and obtains solutions to the challenge to the local case research. It ends by proposing ways in which those alternative universes can be effectively merged. It adopts a broad concept of community growth to encompass strategy, planning, and intervention to affect residents’ lives.




FIERLBECK, K., & LAHEY, W. (Eds.). (, 2013). Health Care Federalism in Canada: Critical Junctures and Critical Perspectives. McGill-Queen’s University Press. Retrieved October 9, 2020, from

It is a book written by Ferlbeck and Lahey. The two authors look into some of the health issues revolving in Canada and some of the government’s critical steps to solve the issue. Fierlbeck suggests that the creation and execution of healthcare facilities, procedures, and contracts are about strengthening medical services. At best, they result from the global zeitgeist: a representation of the democratic actors’ priorities and the means they have at their discretion to accomplish them.










To solve the mental health sector’s general issues, it is very important to formally start with solving the prevailing challenges facing the mental health specialist. To solve the prevailing concern, we have to address some of the concern factors which are

  • Political factor
  • Mental patient background factor
  • Environmental factor

Political factor

  • Low wages
  • Lack of enough income to cater to a basic need
  • Lead to demonstration and strikes of the mental professionals
  • Quitting of the professional staff to the mental facilities
  • Embezzlement of mental funds
  • Low amount of funds allocated to the mental facilities
  • Low rate of income to the health facilities
  • Lack of equipment among mental professionals
  • Poor leadership
  • Increase in rate of corruption
  • The slower rate of development in the mental health facility
  • Increase in layoffs among the mental health professionals

Mental patient background factor

  • Scary behavior
  • Scare the professional during the delegation of duties
  • Incapacity of the health professional offer service
  • Dangerous actions
  • Subject the mental professional to the risk of danger
  • Increase of loss of lives among the health practitioners during the service

Environmental factor

  • Improper health infrastructure in the mental facility
  • Expose the mental professional to the environmental risks
  • The slower rate of duty delegation among mental professionals
  • Insecurity level
  • Expose the mental health professional from being attacked by the patients
  • Reduce the level of trustworthy for mental professionals
  • Noise from the mentally disordered patients
  • Create an unstable working environment for mental professionals
  • Increase the level of miscommunication due to an increase in the communication barrier



From the research, we shall collect important and vital information that will help increase the level of stability towards the mental world facilities. This important research gap will create an ultimate change to the mental health state.


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