Nursing Students Engagement Curriculum Design



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Nursing Students Engagement Curriculum Design
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Nursing Students Engagement Curriculum

The essential requirement to ensure the healthcare practice’s success is the employment of the most qualified nurses. Therefore, students need to engage with the learning resources and nursing educators to produce the best student nurses thus filling student engagement learning gap.

Student engagement measures the quality of learning resources and personnel within the nursing program. Nursing student engagement is an essential and critical means that ensure nursing students become successful nurses. Besides, engaged nurse students obtain the required professional behaviors; hence they deliver competent and dependable work and lead to success in the healthcare sector (Hudson & Carrasco, 2017).

the different student engagement levels like cognitive, behavioral engagement, and emotional engagement and suggest strategies to sustain nursing student’s engagements to fill the engagement learning gap. The curriculum includesnursing students’ engagement as a learning gap, the questions guiding why student engagement is essential, strategies formed by educators to ensure student engagement, distinct methods used to conduct the literature review, detailed findings, and the strategies to adopt to ensure student engagements’ sustainability.

Learning gap

Student success is significantly dependent on the competence of the professionals who guide them through specific stages. Notably, the classroom knowledge whereby the educators give notes to students is not sufficient for them to achieve higher grades. Top achievers tend to seek more knowledge and undertake research by accessing the secondary and primary sources of information for supplementing the information learned in class. Therefore, the student’s engagement with the learning resources and educators is vital for their success. Due to technological innovations, nursing is undergoing numerous rapid changes. Didactic lecturing has changed as nursing educators use phones and computers to relay online classes. Simulator laboratories are used instead of real-life experiences as used before; video presentations cover a large part of nursing classes (Hudson & Carrasco, 2017). Therefore, technological changes and teaching changes affect student engagement, resulting in a low engagement rate. For a long time, numerous nursing researches are conducted to identify the best teaching methods that would affect nursing students’ engagement with their learning resources and educators. (Ghasemi et al., 2020).  The researchers aim to create the best engagement methods to close the student’s engagement gap that results in half-backed nurses’ production. Students have three participants to engage with, for instance, the teaching staff, other students, and learning resources like books and laboratory equipment to eliminate the gap. This curriculum, entitled Enhancing Nursing Students Engagement, aims to address a specific knowledge gap that is occurring in nursing education.

Recap of Learning Gap

As mentioned above, there are different student engagement levels, for instance, behavioral and emotional engagement levels. The different levels call for different approaches to ensure that students are engaged with the educators and learning resources. Therefore, they should create a conducive environment where they are friendly to educators and friends, ensuring that they benefit from all engagement levels. Besides, with innovations, they should take advantage of online communication to reach their educators despite their physical distances. Further, they should use different strategies, like creating online communities with friends in the nursing field. Also, simulation exercises are vital for they ensure students engage in the practical field of nursing. Therefore, they are used to ensure different student engagement levels and the stogies to sustain nursing students’ engagement. The study used formulated questions.

the following steps should be taken to ensure effective nurse student engagement.

  1. Incorporate technology in theoretical and practical learning exercises like simulation and video call presentations.
  2. Frequent change of learning environment ensures full participation by all nursing student educators to motivate the student to ensure they engage in-class activities.
  3. Creating learning groups in all nursing classes for students to engage with other students in the groups.
  4. Creating community student based online platforms and networks ensures nursing students engage through posting questions and other students give answers and suggestions.
  5. Create awareness and educate nursing students on the benefits of student engagements.


Curriculum Goals

The intention of this curriculum is to educate nursing instructors on the philosophy of nursing Student Engagement so that they can effectively apply this knowledge as they help nursing students to increase their engagements either in theory or practical classes. the main goals of this curriculum:

  • At the end of the program, nursing instructors will be able to raise awareness about students’ engagements.
  • At the end of the program, nursing instructors will be able to help their students to improve student engagement’s strategies

Learning Outcomes:

Backward design concepts were applied for the designing of this curriculum. Backward design is essential in curriculum development because it helps to provide a clear roadmap as frame forthe curriculum. As well as help to clarify the curriculum goals(Thomas, Kern, Hughes, & Chen, 2016).

1- By the end of this course, each nursing instructor will Identify and explain the Concept of Student Engagement.

2- By the end of this course, each nursing instructor will Identify the factors Influencing student Engagement.

3- By the end of this course, each nursing instructor will Identify the complication of student engagement.

4- By the end of this course, each nursing instructor will Identify the strategies of improving student’s engagement.

5- By the end of this course, each nursing instructor will demonstrate an example of improving student engagement using a simulation scenario.






Table 1

Learning Outcomes, Assessment and Teaching Strategies

Student’s engagements
Learning outcomes Classifications Assessment strategies Educational strategies
Cognitive Affective Psychomotor
By end of this curriculum each nursing instructor will be able to
Identify and explain the Concept of student Engagement. X X   Written multiple choice quiz –          Reading assignment

–          Class discussion

Identify the factors Influencing student Engagement. X X X Open book essay questions –          Watching video

–          Group discussion

Identify the complication of student Engagement X X   Written multiple choice quiz –          Presentation

–          Group discussion

Identify the strategies of improving student’s engagement. X X   Individual Feedback and Group Feedback –          Presentation

–          Group discussion

demonstrate example of improving student engagement using simulation scenario. X X X Induvial case study assessment –          Virtual simulation

–          High fidelity simulation scenario

–          Group discussion




Educational and Assessment Strategies

Behavioral learning theory describe how a student behaves is based on their interaction with their environment.(Phillips, 2012)Both the learning outcomes and educational strategies determined by behavioral learning theory, which proposed that studentsgain knowledge through collaboration in classroom, it is through interaction that learners come to understand learning processes (Kern, et al. 2015) .

Choosing proper assessment methods and teaching strategies for your program is at the heart of curriculum planning, as well as, Assessing learners and learning outcomes provides baseline data, and summative and formative feedback promote student engagement


The following are types of assessment strategies that will use in my curriculum:


  • Written multiple choice quizis one of selected-response (SR) tests, a practical formal assessment method in health professions. This method helps to estimate reliability in a real assessment context.


  • Open book essay questions are constructed-response (CR) tests, a practical formal assessment method in health professions. this method helps to assess student’s cognitiveknowledge.


  • Individual Feedback and Group Feedback: is an aspect of the summative assessment, but the primary purpose of measuring what students have learned during this course


  • Simulation-based assessment: it is a highly structured performance exam. Will use simulation scenario as a case study assessment



Table 2 depicts the Logic Model used to develop the Nursing Students Engagement curriculum. Which consist of outlines and key factors that considered all steps of curriculum implementation.








Table 2

Logic Model
Objective Inputs Activities Outputs Short-term Outcomes LongtermOutcomes
–     To raise nursing instructors’ awareness about students’ engagements. Staff:

–     Trainer

–     knowledgeable in student’s psychology


–     90-minute session


Data Show, Computer , Round tables,

Chairs, White Board, Markers, MCQ quiz

–     Provide a presentation to nursing instructors


–     Assess instructors on their understanding of students’ engagement.


–     Conduct MCQ quiz

– # of instructors who attend the presentation.


– # of instructors who successfully complete the quiz.


– Types of questions asked during the session.

–     Increase nursing instructors’ awareness of the students’ engagement.




–     Increase nursing instructors’ abilities to improve nursing students’ engagement during the class.
–     To use different strategies to improve student engagement’s




knowledgeable in educational methods


90-minute session


Data Show, Computer, Round tables, Chairs, White Board, Markers,  MCQ quiz


–     Employ a variety of teaching strategies about students’ engagement


–     Conduct simulation scenario.


–     Induvial case study assessment

–     # of instructors who attend the presentation.


–      # of instructors who successfully complete the case study assessment.


–     Types of questions asked during the session.

–     Increase student engagement using simulation scenario. –     Increase nursing instructors’ abilities to improve nursing students’ engagement during the class

Curriculum Logic Model



The required resources for this curriculum:

Personnel: Audiovisual, computer, support staff, simulation mannequins 

  • Time: This curriculum was designed to be performed as a one-time event. It 2 hours preparation and 8 contact hours.  
  • Facilities: simulation mannequin, fully equipped classroom, educational equipment,content management software, and textbooks and references such as:
    1. Spruit, J. (2019). Managing Student Engagement in Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Curpa. In Management and Administration of Higher Education Institutions at Times of Change (pp. 167–187). Emerald Publishing Limited.
    2. Coates, M. (2014). Introduction: Student Engagement—A Window into Undergraduate Education. In Engaging University Students (pp. 1–12). Springer Singapore.
    3. Schmeller, R. (2018). Strategy Simulation, Student Engagement and Student Perceptions. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.


Degree of Support

My curriculum needs external funding to cover the cost of simulation scenario case study.

I need support in materials that helps to perform my curriculum especially in clinical lab simulation part.

Might be resistance that I face isthe recruiting the participants

To increase support and decrease resistance, I will provide some incentive for participants that could help to decrease the resistant.

External Support from the nursing college may be required will help to success the performing the curriculum


The most important barriers that could be facedto implementing this curriculumto find a clinical simulation lab and case scenario and Cost of implementation.

these potential barriers could be address by Arrange faculty meeting to discuss these potential barriers to try to solve it. In this case if I do not find simulation case scenario, I will switch to watching video for about case of student engagement.



the most critical segments of this curriculum that would be a priority for piloting will be the last curriculum outcome: ((By the end of this course, each nursing instructor will demonstrate an example of improving student engagement using a simulation scenario)). I will choose a small group of my classmates to apply the piloting.


This curriculum be phased through piloting can give clues of the intervention’s real success and how the intervention can be strengthened or modified. My plan to start by implementing with a small group of learners before expanding to all learners.

This pilot help through the feedback that will collecting through interpret the results and implications correctly





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